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The letter of Co-Chairperson

                                                                        Mr. Ramu Damodaran

I joined the United Nations as it was preparing for its fiftieth anniversary, an occasion to assess and introspect upon a world that had changed so dramatically in the immediate years preceding. That was more than twenty-five years ago, twenty five years that have passed so swiftly that the next twenty five, by which time the UN would have completed its centennial, will complete their course soon.

The United Nations Academic Impact is proud to join the Boston Global Forum in an initiative that looks to the 2045 centennial as an opportunity to reframe the possibilities inherent in the United Nations while remaining true to the power of its promise a century earlier. Delegates to the San Francisco conference that framed the Charter travelled by sea; today they can see and speak to each other in a few clicks and seconds. And the power of AI has made it possible for machines to anticipate their thoughts and speak for them.

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