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30 Apr, 2021

World Leader in AIWS Award and AI International Accord Roundtable       8:30 am – 10:30 am, EST, April 28, 2021 Ceremony to honor Ambassador Stavros Lambrinidis as 2021 World Leader in AIWS Remarks of Governor Michael Dukakis to honor Ambassador...

UN2045: Building a Trustworthy Economy

19 Jul, 2020

Today’s financial systems are not trusted by citizens because they are inherently unstable and winner-take-all, so for most people the system offers only failure.  Today, new digital technologies allow the fine-grain feedback needed to build systems...

Father of the Internet Vint Cerf talks at UN Roundtable 2045

15 Aug, 2020

“All people can create value for each other. A good economy has an ecosystem of organizations that lets that happen, in the most meaningful and fulfilling ways.” How can we make this idea happen through using AI and the Internet? How can we apply...

The AIWS City – a model for cities of 2045

24 Oct, 2020

The United Nations 2045 Roundtable United Nations 2045 Initiative – UNleashed 2045: The United Nations at 100 The AIWS City – a model for cities of 2045 Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT, October 27, 2020 This is a United Nations 2045 Roundtable...

Senator Kimberley Kitching speaks at AIWS Roundtable

23 Aug, 2020

United Nations 2045 Roundtable United Nations 2045 Initiative – UNleashed 2045: The United Nations at 100 The United Nations and implementing standards and norms for peace and security in 2045. Time: 8:00 PM EDT, September 23, 2020 This is a United...