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AIWS City at the Riga Conference 2021

The AIWS Value System is innovative and, as such, untested for its utility. AIWS will test the concept by creating the AIWS City, which will be a virtual digital city dedicated to promoting the values associated AIWS.

Professor Thomas Patterson introduced AIWS City as a practical model for the Age of Global Enlightenment and discuss about it with Moderator Zaneta Ozolina at the session “REMAKING THE WORLD – THE SECOND AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT. THE UNITED NATIONS 2045”, the Riga Conference 2021, October 14, 2021.

The United Nations Centennial initiative was launched by the Boston Global Forum (BGF) and the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) in 2019 as the United Nations planned to mark the 75th anniversary the following year. It brought into its fold some of the finest minds of our times as they sought to anticipate the world, and the United Nations, in 2045, the year of the world organization’s centennial. The core concepts of the initiative are reflected in the book “Remaking the World: Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment”; these include the idea of a social contract for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) age, a framework for an AI international accord, an ecosystem for the “AI World Society” (AIWS) and a community innovation economy. Some of these ideas have already begun to be put into practice, including a Global Alliance for Digital Governance and the evolution of AIWS City, a virtual digital city dedicated to promoting the values associated with AIWS.

This session discussed concepts of the book to build the Age of Global Enlightenment, and the particular role of the Baltic States – who celebrate thirty years of United Nations membership this year-in this regard.


Dr Vaira Vīķe- Freiberga, President of the Republic of Latvia from 1999 to 2007

Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO of the Boston Global Forum, Director of the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation, Co-Founder of the AI World Society Innovation Network, Co-Founder of AIWS City

Paul F. Nemitz, Director for Fundamental rights and Union citizenship in the Directorate-General for JUSTICE of the European Commission

Alex `Sandy’ Pentland, Director of the Human Dynamics Laboratory, MIT’s, Director of the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program, Co-Leader of The World Economic Forum Big Data and Personal Data Initiatives, Founding Member of The Advisory Boards for Nissan, Motorola Mobility, Telefonica

Thomas Patterson, Research Director of The Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation, Professor of Government and the Press of Harvard Kennedy School, Distinguished Contributor to the Book “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment”

Moderator: Prof Žaneta Ozoliņa, Chairwoman of the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation.