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Manifesto “AIWS Actions to create an Age of Global Enlightenment”

Harvard University, Loeb House, November 22, 2022

I. Fundamentals and Accompanying the United Nations:

Creating an Age of Global Enlightenment is based on the AIWS model whose core and pillars were introduced in the book “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment”.

  1. ​Global Enlightenment Economy and Politics:

Every person can be an innovator with foundation standards are Social Contract for the AI ​​Age.

Building a borderless data infrastructure, creating opportunities for all individuals, businesses, and organizations to co-create new values, new products and services that are prosperous, high efficiency, faster, smarter, but protecting the standards and human values ​​of the United Nations, of the Social Contract for the AI ​​Age (SCAI), this is a prerequisite for connecting data infrastructure, commercial transactions and development. If a country does not meet the standards, it will not be connected. On this data infrastructure, to create an economy where every citizen is an innovator. Creating an education program called the Global Enlightenment Education Program (GEEP) for all individuals. Organizations that commit to respect and apply SCAI standards can participate, and be supported with the GEEP program to know how to build a home of creativity for themselves. Global Alliance for Digital Governance stands out to call, connect, and coordinate between the United Nations, governments of the Pillars: US, Japan, India, and European Alliance (EA), an alliance including the EU, UK, and European countries that accept and apply SCAI standards. These governments have to join a United Nations led AI ​​International Accord, or Global Digital Compact, and then implement it with developing countries.

We call this economy the Global Enlightenment Economy. We call its infrastructure Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure (GEEI).

The Global Enlightenment Economy respects and recognizes contributions to society, to drive people and society with a focus not only on material and financial values, but also contribute to creating an Age of Global Enlightenment with peace, security, prosperity for every country, every people, and preventing extreme nationalism in any country. Contributions for this will be recognized as AIWS Rewards.

The Manifesto “AIWS Actions to create an Age of Global Enlightenment” proposes actions and coordination  to build Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure that enables interoperability across company and national boundaries, and designs Global Enlightenment Economy ecosystems of trusted data and AI that provide safe, secure, and human-centered services for everyone in need : only governments who sign and apply AIIA, Global Digital Compact in their countries, can join the Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure.

The Global Alliance for Digital Governance (GADG) will supervise and control implementing standards of SCAI, ensuring data and algorithms are not biased.

We call this politics the Global Enlightenment Polity where all individuals can participate in policy deliberations, introduce new ideas. And contribute in all ways to the global wellbeing.

GADG can build an operating mechanism for Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure so that companies involved in building and connecting infrastructure cannot create a monopoly, and creates opportunities for start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, for each individual, to create an Ecology of the Global Enlightenment Economy. The technology platform is introduced in Alex Sandy Pentland’s article “Building a New Economy: Data, AI, and Web3”

Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure supported by the Global Enlightenment Polity and its knowledge platform, the Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD) can be very instrumental in helping to solve problems of disinformation, misinformation and the like. Then GEEI and GSSD will be good and solid platforms for politics and society of the Global Enlightenment Age – AIWS.

  1. ​Global Enlightenment Education Program (GEEP)

This is a program to help remote, mountain, island areas, developing countries, whose vulnerable populations can easily learn and practice becoming innovators to master their lives in the Global Enlightenment Age. The Global Enlightenment Education Program trains people in standards and norms of AIWS and encourages them to respect and recognize contributions to society, driving people and society not only to focus on material and financial values, but also contribute to creating an Age of Global Enlightenment with peace, security, prosperity for every country, every people, and preventing extreme nationalism in more powerful States. This program should be applied to advanced technologies such as AI, digital, blockchain and mobile.

  1. ​Solve Disinformation, Misinformation:  Creating GEEI as an excellent platform and foundation to challenge misinformation and disinformation issues, allowing GEEI to become a solid foundation to build Global Enlightenment politics and society: smarter, faster, more effective, more reliable, more sustainable, fulfilling a United Nations vision of digital trust and security.
  2. ​AI International Accord (AIIA) supports to Global Digital Compact: It defines the responsibilities of all participating groups (governments, industry, academia, science), it means support to the vision of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

“Building on the recommendations of the road map for digital cooperation (see UN document A/74/821), the United Nations, Governments, the private sector and civil society could come together as a multi-stakeholder digital technology track in preparation for a Summit of the Future to agree on a Global Digital Compact. This would outline shared principles for an open, free and secure digital future for all. Complex digital issues that could be addressed may include: reaffirming the fundamental commitment to connecting the unconnected; avoiding fragmentation of the Internet; providing people with options as to how their data is used; application of human rights online; and promoting a trustworthy Internet by introducing accountability criteria for discrimination and misleading content. More broadly, the Compact could also promote regulation of artificial intelligence to ensure that this is aligned with shared global values.”

II. Organizing and Actions:

– AIWS Actions would connect companies in Boston and Massachusetts and in San Francisco and Silicon Valley to frame a kernel platform for Global Enlightenment Economy Infrastructure, then expand to centers of East Coast: New York, Washington DC, and West Coast: Seattle, Los Angeles. Global Alliance for Digital Governance would supervise building this pilot platform.

– Collaborate with MIT Open Learning for Global Enlightenment Education.

– Collaborate and work with MIT CyberPolitics and Global Order.

– Work with the pillars governments for AIIA and Global Digital Compact.


– Global Enlightenment Leaders support and speak at Global Enlightenment Events

– Appoint leaders of programs, plans, initiatives, events, then collaborate with organizations, institutions, individual to establish programs, projects, plans, initiatives for goals.

– Name Michael Dukakis Leadership Fellows (for US, EU, South America countries) and Shinzo Abe Leadership Fellows (for Asia and Africa countries) to lead and manage programs, projects, plans, initiatives.

– Found the Global Enlightenment Club, an organization of Global Enlightenment Business Leaders, officially announce on December 12, 2022, website:

– Connect and collaborate with partners, alliances to organize events.

– Collaborate with MIT-Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD) as the knowledge hub serving as platform for managing all data, knowledge, and information.

  1. High Level Events:

Set up high level meeting of BGF leaders, contributors, and leaders of partners, alliances of BGF with governments, congress of 4 pillars (US, European Alliance, Japan, India), and the United Nations, and big tech, big companies, top universities to discuss about 4 issues in part I.

Topics: Global Enlightenment Economy models, pilot projects, role and operation of Global Alliance for Digital Governance in control, supervise and manage risks, Global Enlightenment Education, Misinformation, Disinformation, Global Digital Compact, AIIA.

  1. Mass and distinguished events

Organize Mass Events “Global Enlightenment Events” to encourage people and society have perception and support to create an Age of Global Enlightenment:

World Leader in AIWS Award and Distinguished Global Enlightenment Speech annually

Global Enlightenment Baseball Games with Red Sox at Fenway Park: 2023 Global Enlightenment Baseball Game to celebrate 90th birthday of Governor Michael Dukakis

Then expend to football games in Massachusetts, and soccer games in Europe: Global Enlightenment Football Games, Global Enlightenment Soccer Games.

Global Enlightenment Concert with Boston Symphony Orchestra at Boston Symphony Hall: 2023 Global Enlightenment Concert to celebrate 90th birthday of Governor Michael Dukakis

Then to expand to symphony, philharmonic orchestras in Europe.

Global Enlightenment for Peace at Vatican 20/9/2023

Global Enlightenment for Global Digital Compact at Hollywood

Global Enlightenment Education with MIT Open Learning

Global Enlightenment Knowledge with MIT Global System for Sustainable Development

Global Enlightenment Economy at MIT Connection Science

Global Enlightenment Economy at Stanford Digital Economy Lab

Global Enlightenment for Digital Trust at Shorenstein Center, Harvard Kennedy School

Global Enlightenment for CyberPolitics and Global Order at MIT

Global Enlightenment Products, Services with Global Enlightenment Club

The book 2023: Actions to create an Age of Global Enlightenment