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Shinzo Abe Initiative for Peace and Security

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the first leader who received the World Leaders Award for Peace and Security honored by the Boston Global Forum (BGF) on 12/12/2015, has dedicated to Japan and to world’s peace and security. Prime Minister Abe was senselessly assassinated on July 8, 2022. To honor his legacy and to continue his work the BGF is establishing the Shinzo Abe Initiative for Peace and Security in order to:

  • Connect world leaders (leaders of government, parliament, businesses), scholars, thinkers, creators to accompany, dedicate, continue to fight, build a world of peace, security and prosperity.
  • Continue the implementation of the fundamental ideas in the book “Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment”, which Prime Minister Abe is a Distinguished Contributor.
  • Recruit organizations and individuals to join this initiative.

The Shinzo Abe Initiative for Peace and Security supports efforts move humanity Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment, including:

  • Security in cybersecurity, AI and digital governance, along with the Global Alliance for Digital Governance.
  • Peace and Security concerning disputes over national sovereignty and territorial integrity
  • Peace and Security for citizens

Furthermore, the Initiative includes

  • Building of the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Digital Memorial Hall on AIWS City (House of Honor Section), to showcase Abe’s dedication and to commemorate Shinzo Abe with actions and initiatives to build peace and security for mankind.
  • Offering daily Tram Huong in memory of Abe by actions or postings of wishes, aspirations, stories, ideas for peace and security submitted by anyone and everyone submit articles in their native language.

Toward these ends, the Global Enlightenment Community accompanies Shinzo Abe Initiative in the struggle for Peace and Security.