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AIWS City as a Test Model for the AIWS Innovative Ecosystem


This plan is introduced in the book Remaking the World – The Age of Global Enlightenment:

Implementing the AIWS innovative ecosystem in society:

Based on AIWS innovative value system, building AIWS creative, innovative economic and political ecosystem for every citizen can create AIWS values ​​and help exchange and trade AIWS value in social, include:

– Developing valuing criteria of AIWS creative, innovative contain 12 criteria of innovations.

– Building a AIWS Global Creative – Innovative Exchange Platform

– Building a AIWS Global Enlightenment Education System

– The State builds a strict and transparent legal system to protect creative, innovative values.

– The cultural and psychosocial environment supports and promotes innovation and compassion, tolerance, noble.


AIWS City as a Test Model:

Building AIWS City, a digital and virtual city as an experiment of the AIWS Global Innovation Ecosystem, including:

  1. AIWS value system: each citizen has an account as a digital house for creativity and exchange and trade their innovations.
  1. AIWS Global Innovation Exchange.
  2. AIWS University tests the innovative global citizenship education system AIWS
  3. AIWS City’s online advantage to create a stimulating environment for creativity and noble life includes theatres, concert auditoriums, museums, palaces, old towns, parks, and stadiums.
  1. Building innovative communities of AIWS City